Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ralph Kimball talks about Hadoop and the Enterprise Data Warehouse

On April 2nd Cloudera is hosting a webinar featuring Ralph Kimball who will "describe how Apache Hadoop complements and integrates effectively with the existing enterprise data warehouse. The Hadoop environment's revolutionary architectural advantages open the door to more data and more kinds of data than are possible to analyze with conventional RDBMSs, and additionally offer a whole series of new forms of integrated analysis.
Dr. Kimball will explain how Hadoop can be both:
•   A destination data warehouse, and also
•   An efficient staging and ETL source for an existing data warehouse
You will also learn how enterprise conformed dimensions can be used as the basis for integrating Hadoop and conventional data warehouses."

When you sign up to the event you will be able to download a chapter from Ralph Kimball's book called The Data Warehouse ToolKit, called Big Data Analytics.

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