Monday, October 12, 2015

SQL and PL/SQL icons and stickers

Over the past couple of weeks I've been preparing my slides and presentations for Oracle Open World (2015).

One thing that occurred to me was that there was no icon or image to represent Oracle SQL and PL/SQL. I needed something that I could include in my presentations to represent these.

After a bit of Tweeting it turns out that there is no (official) icons or images for Oracle SQL and Oracle PL/SQL.

So I created some and here they are.

SQL icon sm PLSQL icon sm

and there are these

SQL 2 sm PLSQL 2 sm

Feel free to use these in your presentations and share around. All I ask is that you give me an odd acknowledgement from time to time.


If you would like to get these as stickers and put them on your laptop, notebooks, or anywhere really, you can order them on Stickermule.


NB: It is important to note that these are in no way approved or acknowledged or endorsed or anything else by Oracle.


  1. Nice work, Brandon. I hope these become very popular. I suppose it is possible that Oracle itself will come up with some "branding" for these technologies, eventually.

    I, however, like the idea of members of the community taking the initiative and "owning" the technologies that have had such a big and positive impact on their lives, and many others.

    1. Thanks Steven
      Yep I wouldn't be surprised if Oracle come up with something at some point.
      or maybe Oracle could adapt these ;-) (if so we can "talk")