Wednesday, January 27, 2016

BIWA Summit : HOL notes for ODM using SQL

The following notes and documents are for the BIWA Summit 2016 attendees who are taking the HOL on using ODM using SQL and PL/SQL.

Getting connected to the Cloud

The following document outlines the steps you need to perform to get connected to the Cloud Database we are using.

If you have attended the HOL (yesterday) then you can reuse the same connection details (and number).

If you didn't attend the HOL yesterday then you will need to be assigned a Number Ask me or Charlie for this. After you get assigned a number then follow the instructions.


It might be a good idea to download this document to your local machine.

HOL Notes

The following links are for the HOL documents. The first is the slides we will work through and this document contains the exercises that you will complete.


The second document is demonstration script and contains all the code that is in the HOL slides document. Download load this file and open it in Worksheet in SQL Developer that is connected to your schema in the database. (Do not use the ODM connections and no need to open the ODM GUI).


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